Jonathon Hyjek



Who is Jonathon Hyjek?

Writing a Bio is hard. Who likes writing about themselves?

Where do I start?

It really began in August 1978, but you’re not likely interested in that!

You’re likely interested in some of the bigger questions like where did I go to school or where have I worked, so here’s the short version of my professional bio.

Have I worked in Marketing & Sales? – Yes
Do I have education in Marketing? – Yes
Are you Google Adwords Certified? – Yes
How much Digital Marketing experience do I have? – 8+ years
Have I worked with large clients? – Yes
Have I worked with small clients? – Yes
Do I think I can help you? – Yes
Are you an SEO Expert? – Yes
Do you setup and optimize PPC Campaigns for clients? – Yes

I’d love to tell you the longer version of my story which includes growing up with a disability, buying a small town grocery store when I was 20 and surviving a cruise ship fire, but those stories are for another time.