Jonathon Hyjek

Small Business Investor | Digital Marketer



You likely came here to find out more about me and what I can do for your business.

Am I Right?

Read through the list below and see if any of the statements characterize you and your business. If they do, we should likely talk.

  • You have a website and you want to generate more leads.
  • You don’t have a website and you’re brand new to the online world.
  • You had your neighbour’s kid build your website and you can’t find him to make updates anymore.
  • You keep getting HUGE bills from your current web development or SEO company and aren’t sure if you’re getting value.
  • You don’t think your web guy really understands your business, your sales cycle or your unique selling proposition.
  • You type in your product or service in Google and can’t find your website anywhere.
  • You feel like your competitors are blowing you out of the water because you see their ads everywhere online.
  • You just need some help wading through all the options in the digital world.